Pergola & Arbor Contractor in Milpitas, CA

Milpitas Fence and Deck not only provides high quality fence and deck services, but we also built Pergolas and Arbors specifically designed for your home.

Pergolas and Arbors provide a way for you to add a little more beauty and class to your property. Adding a pergola or arbor can be an excellent addition to your garden. These structures complete the landscape design by adding shade, elegance, and practicality. The pergola acts as a roof for walkways or patios below it, allowing you to extend your living space into your garden by keeping it cooler during sunny days and shielding yourself from rain using its sheltering structure.


Constructed from Redwood or cedar, pergolas and arbors can be stained and sealed with the same color as your fence. They provide a shelter from the hot sun and add beauty to your outdoor space. Pergolas are often found over a backyard patio , and can even serve as a place to host outdoor gatherings.

Pergolas and Arbors by Milpitas Fence and Deck also come in a variety of beautiful styles such as:

Gothic pergolas, Triangle pergolas, Round pergolas, Victorian pergolas, Square Pergolas.

Choose from several pergola styles and arbor types when deciding on the right addition for your home’s exterior space. Here is just a few ways composite pergolas and arbors can beautify your property:

– Supporting climbing vines, pergola adds privacy where it is needed most. It provides shade while allowing the breeze to flow from above and around.

Composite pergolas are another option that provides durability without sacrificing beauty. Composite pergolas can be used as an accent element on its own or as an extension of an existing pergola or arbor. They come in several colors so you can customize it to match your home perfectly.


Arbors are excellent to use in the garden or against the side of your house for decoration. They add elegance while creating a shady area to enjoy during warm weather months. They can be built from a variety of redwood products including: wood beams, posts, lattice panels and siding. Arbors are often used over patios or walkways. When installed at the entrance way to your home, or backyard garden, an arbor sets off the space and provides class and elegance to your outdoor area.

Redwood or cedar arbors are often used to frame an entryway or provide a unique focal point in your garden. They can also serve as an extension of the house giving you another place to entertain guests.

Composite Arbors and pergolas are available with different colors for their surface materials, or the option to paint them whatever color you choose.

Milpitas Fence and Deck offers pergola, arbor or composite pergola installation services throughout Milpitas California including San Jose, Fremont, and Hayward.

No “do it yourself pergola kits” with us. We build our pergolas and arbors with the look and design you want and custom build them to your spaces size and need. From large to small, we build them all!

Best Pergola & Arbor Contractor – Milpitas Fence and Deck. Our patio covers are durable, low maintenance, low cost alternatives to custom patios. They provide excellent protection from the sun’s rays while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors all year long. You can trust that our people will do an outstanding job building the outdoor space of your dreams.

Milpitas Fence and Deck pergolas are built with composite, redwood or cedar that are stained to protect the wood from the elements. We’re pergola contractors for over 10 years.