Wood Fencing Contractor in Milpitas, CA

Milpitas Fence and Deck is here to used only the best materials and build the fence you want for your Milpitas, CA home.

Wood fence designs are the greatest fence option for many homeowners because they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, provide privacy, and offer great durability.

If you’re looking for fence styles, here are some of today’s popular fence choices:

– good neighbor fence

– board on board fence

– wood picket fence

-horizontal wood designs

– custom fence designs

Good Neighbor Fencing

Many homeowners prefer the good neighbor fence because it provides privacy between two homes. Good fence design isn’t about how high or low your fence is, but about creating an attractive fence that fits your home’s unique style. The key to a good fence design is balance. The good neighbor fence alternates which side of the fence the pickets are nailed. this allows for good airflow.

Board on Board Fencing

The style of fence to opt for when you want the fence to have a more traditional look. It is similar to good neighbor fencing in that pickets are placed directly next to each other. The fence is installed with boards placed on top of each other, gaining privacy while keeping the fence classic.

Wood picket Fencing

The wood picket fence has a true nostalgic look. The fence is made of vertical pickets that are shorter than the good neighbor fence’s style. It provides privacy without obstructing views or restricting airflow between. Picket fences are often shorter than other fence styles.

Horizontal Wood Fencing

Horizontal fence is the only fence style that can be run straight or curved. It  is very versatile, allowing it to fit in smaller spaces, while still providing privacy. Horizontal wood fencing has become very popular and have a beautiful and uncommon look. Horizontal fence is very different from all the other fence styles as it runs parallel to the ground. Wood fence with horizontal fence can be found at homes with larger backyards or those who do not want a fence to appear tall and overpowering.

Custom Fencing

No matter your fence style preferences, fence contractor Milpitas CA can help. The fence installer will discuss your choices with you to ensure that the fence design fits your needs and budget. You can also typically choose the fence color, wood, and finish to further personalize your fence. For example, if you want an ornate-looking fence for your community clubhouse, Milpitas Fence and Deck can build it.


When choosing fence wood, be sure to choose a fence that has been treated or naturally repels insects and stands up to water. Treated fence wood will not warp or crack; fence contractor Milpitas CA can help you with this decision. If you need maximum strength, select the highest rating possible (e.g., AC3). At Milpitas Fence and Deck, we used only the best materials to build your home’s redwood fence.

Milpitas Fence and Deck is a fence contractor in Milpitas CA that will finish wood fence styles with stains and sealants to protect the fence from sun damage, water damage, and more. The color of stain generally depends on your fence’s intended function or style, but it is usually applied on unprotected fence wood that has aged two weeks. Stain colors vary by manufacturer.